Commercial Chocolate Dispenser – Gold w/ stainless top

Commercial Chocolate Dispenser – Gold w/ stainless top


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The Sagra Sipping Chocolate Machines are designed for mixing and dispensing an espresso like European “shot” of sipping chocolate for sipping (like our Cioccolata Calda). The Sagra Sipping Chocolate Dispensers will perfectly mix your sipping chocolate while heating and constantly churning it. Sipping Chocolate can be served as a beverage, as a dessert, with coffee or over ice cream! Sipping chocolate is absolutely delicious and the Sagra Sipping Chocolate Dispenser serves a perfect cup, every time!

    • Continuous stirring inside machine keeps product smooth and consistent


    • Adjustable thermostat keeps temperature regulated


    • NSF/ETL Approved


    • Non-BPA Bowl and Mixer


    • 20" tall by 13" deep by 10" wide


    • 110/120V / 1100W / 50/60Hz / 9.2A


    • Clear bowl is removable and can be refrigerated for next use


    • 5L / 1.32 Gallon capacity



A circulating dasher in the dispenser stirs and tempers an extraordinary sipping chocolate. The top is constructed of shock-proof non-toxic poly carbonate. Liquid storage dispenser is removable even when full for refrigerated storage. Removable faucet for easy cleaning. This circulating heated liquid dispenser can also be used to dispense sauces and creamy mixtures that are served warm and require agitation (to prevent separation). Use in the kitchen or buffet line for:

  • Chai tea
  • Cream sauces like Alfredo
  • Drawn butter for seafood
  • Cheese sauces
  • Gravy
  • Au Jus
  • Maple Syrup




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