A New Line of Baking and Filling Chocolate Comes to the Sweet Fountains Catalog.

The Sacher line of chocolate coating and filling bring a luxurious finishing touch to cakes and pastries.

Layering and Enrobing chocolate for cakes

SILVERDALE, WA., April 21st, 2022 – As the Sweet Fountains brand grows, It is important to bring quality products that service other sectors of the Food Service industry. With this in mind, Sweet Fountains is excited to provide the Sacher line of Baking and Coating Chocolate. Perfect for enrobing cakes and filling pastries, customers will notice an unmatched shine to their cakes and a rich, decadent taste. We felt it was important to offer the bakery and pastry world a convenient solution to coating and filling their baked goods without sacrificing quality.

Sweet Fountains will now offer four different Sacher chocolate varieties: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, White Chocolate and Caramel. All can be used as a filling or a coating for any pastry or cake. To enrobe cakes, customers will simply have to melt the chocolate and pour it over the cake. Once it sets, it will dry perfectly and provide a beautiful luster. Customers will also notice that the chocolate cuts clean and has a texture between a ganache and fondant. Before it completely sets, the baker or decorator can decorate the sides or top of the cake so it all sets together. This can also apply to layered cakes as the chocolate is perfect for the in between layers. Combinations like white and dark chocolate or caramel and milk chocolate layers are all possible with this product.

The Sacher line also excels in pastries and cookies. If a customer wishes to make a layered cookie with brownies or even stuffed cookies this can be done with ease. When making a brookie, (brownie/cookie) the customer can lay down their layer of cookie dough, their choice of Sacher Chocolate or Caramel and top it off with their brownie batter. All these layers will bake together and the result will be a delicious layered treat. In pastries, use it as the chocolate or caramel center. Use it to fill Eclairs, Croissants and Danishes. Customers also use it as the center for Lava Cakes. In its un-melted paste form, fill a piping bag and a decorative tip to add the perfect finishing touch.

Our Sacher line of chocolate coatings and fillings truly allow the customer to be creative. Try our line of Sacher Chocolate and see how it can benefit your business. You can find Sacher here: https://www.sweetfountains.com/product-category/baking-and-coating-chocolate/

If you would like to view our complete catalog, visit Sweet Fountains today and see what else we can offer your establishment. https://www.sweetfountains.com/

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