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Unique wedding cakes

Unique Wedding Cake

If you are looking for an unique wedding cake, look no further. The chocolate fountain is the popular choice for brides in the 21st century to use in place of the wedding cake. If you are getting sick of looking at the same old wedding cakes, come check out our unique chocolate fountains which will replace the wedding cake and have your guests thanking you for months to come.

wedding cake that is unique

There is no doubt that our chocolate fountains are beautiful and make a great and unique substitution for your wedding cake. They are also very affordable and very tasty. We now offer wedding skewers for an additional price. These are 12" stainless steel skewers that our attendants will fill up with beautiful fruits and dipping items. Then, instead of cutting the wedding cake, you can be the first to dip into the chocolate fountain. This makes for a beautiful picture and symbolizes the opening of the chocolate fountain - what an unique way to celebrate your marriage!

If you are looking for a different or unique wedding cake idea, look no further. The chocolate fountain is a great replacement for the wedding cake.

Unique Wedding Cake