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Available in:


  • Up to 2.5 hours of use of chocolate fountain
  • Attendant during scheduled hours
  • Arrival 1/2 hour before start time to set-up/prepare fountain
  • Includes chocolate/skewers for contracted guests
  • Our "Drip-Zone" covering for no messes
  • Clean-up/removal of fountain after scheduled time
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Available in:

"Shipped to your door"


  • Three day rental of our 19" or 29" chocolate fountain
  • Shipped to arrive one day prior to rental date
  • Includes contracted # of bamboo skewers
  • Our simple set-up and clean-up directions
  • We pay for shipping to you
  • Chocolate available at $12 per 2 lbs.
  • We also offer display and champagne fountains
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Sweet Fountains uses only the best chocolate fountains and chocolate - no skimping here. We are the nation's favorite company when you are looking to rent a chocolate fountain. Our chocolate fountain representatives cater thousands of weddings, parties and events annually.

We have two sizes of chocolate fountains for rent which we use for "Full-Service" chocolate fountain events. Our medium chocolate fountains stand 29" tall and are excellent for those looking to rent a chocolate fountain on a smaller budget. They come standard with enough premium chocolate for 100 guests, but can serve up to 300. These are perfect for smaller weddings, parties and office events. We don't generally recommend that you rent a single, medium chocolate fountain for events over 300 people. You can, however, rent two chocolate fountains.

Our large chocolate fountains have 19" wide bases and are just under three feet tall, providing the perfect look when covered in mouth-watering, flowing chocolate. Whether your event is 150 or 4500, if you rent our large chocolate fountain, we know you will love it. In most markets, we can bring multiple chocolate fountains for events using different types of chocolate which really will give you an extraordinary look.

During a "Full-Service" chocolate fountain event, a Sweet Fountains chocolate fountain attendant will make sure that your guests are enjoying themselves and making sure the area around the chocolate fountain is kept clean using our "Drip-Zone". Always in catering attire and polite with your guests, our chocolate fountain attendants have been trained not only in chocolate preparation, but customer service also. They are the reason why we cater thousands of weddings and parties annually.

We do know this, your guests will love being able to dip a variety of items into the chocolate fountain. Some of the most popular items are; strawberries, cream puffs, brownie bites, mint sticks, cherries, pretzel rods, marshmallows, biscotti, piroulines, vienna fingers and caramel squares. We don't recommend "crumbly" type foods as they will make the flow of the chocolate look uneven and clumply. With all bookings, we will send you our Top 20 items list to share with your caterer or provide yourself. When you rent a chocolate fountain with Sweet Fountains, we make sure you understand everything to do with the chocolate fountain.

The chocolate fountain can be used as an unique wedding cake, as an appetizer or as a great addition to a cake. Our 2.5 hour time frame allows for use for both the appetizer, dessert and as a wedding cake. We call it the "21st Century Wedding Cake". We also know that many previous brides have enjoyed our chocolate fountain as the center of attention during their dessert reception. We generally don't recommend outdoor use of the chocolate fountain as the sweet aroma will attract insects and wide temperature variances can effect the chocolate flow.

If you want people to remember your wedding, party or special event as unique and special, rent a chocolate fountain as an appetizer or as a dessert and make everything that much sweeter! You can learn more about our different services by clicking on "Semi-Service" rentals or "Full-Service" rentals.

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